Bee's Day at Norrviken

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Join us and see how we hurl our own Norrviken honey.

You might want to try on and cunning and, of course, buy and bring home Norrviken honey.
Norrviken biodlarsällskap to show his apiary here on Norrviken. They tell how the honey becomes, from the flower, cup and hurl the can.

Biföreningen Little Bastad

Beyond the romantic garden is Norrviken own hives operated by Biföreningen Little Bastad.
Honeybees must be just as diligent as the saying says. To produce 1 kg of honey, they need to visit more than five million flowers!
Nevertheless, the honey is not their most important contribution, but the greatest benefit do they do when they pollinate wild and cultivated plants.
Pollination value is considered to be up to 150 times greater than the value honey. Pollination makes the quality and size of our harvests increasing, as is the food supply for the animals.
The apiculture other words, great impact on the environment. When you buy Swedish honey helps you also to preserve the cultural landscape, as the honey bee has such a central role.
Here at Norrviken we obviously have our own Norrviken Honey.


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  • On 19 jul 2017 11:00 - 15:00 @ Norrvikens Trädgårdar


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