Språkguiden Ingrid Persson Skog

Adresse: Karstorps Mölleväg 2, 26937 Båstad Vis kort

Adresse: Karstorps Mölleväg 2, 26937 Båstad

Interested in finding out more about wonderful Båstad - Bjäre in southernmost Sweden? Why not go on a guided tour with me. I am specialized in guided tourst in this are where I offer bookable guided tours or customized concepts.

Språkguiden Ingrid Persson Skog is a small enterprise, specializing in guided tours in Swedish/English in Southern Sweden, escpeicallh Båstad, Torekov and the Bjäre Peninsula. Tailor-made and target oriented tours are offered together with a thorough knowledge of and a passion for this wonderful and amazing part of Sweden. I offer guided tours in Helsingborg - Elsinore (Denmark) as well. Additional information available at www.sprakguiden.com

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