Strandskogen in Torekov

Adresse: Torekov Vis kort

Adresse: Torekov

Common vascular plants are heather, bilberry, crowberry and lingonberry with wavy hair-grass, sand sedge, chickweed and others.

In the northern section runs a small stream in a natural meandering course. In the vicinity of the stream is also growing ash, oak, birch and some pin cherry. Some of the oak trees are older and there are also a few dead trees and fallen. Adjacent to the creek is also an abundant shrub layer with mainly cherry and relatively species-rich flora includes several woodland plants.

With its proximity to the sea, the forest has great value as a resting place for birds. For breeding birds include, among other things nuthatch, tree creeper, wren, woodpecker, starlings, Redstart and a large number of singers.

The slope of the minor ridge which is close to the way it was found some 30 flint flakes after an ancient settlement.

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