Adresse: Båstad Vis kort

Adresse: Båstad

As a string between Bastad and Grevieparken go Sinarpsdalen , a clear rift in Hallandsåsen . The valley's slopes offer a unique view while the bottom of the valley brings peace of mind .

The trail is ca. 3.5 km and extends on trails and back roads . You can either start the trek from the showroom / Nature School in Dala , Bastad Show details from or in Grevie . Skånetrafikens Bus no . 504 which stops at both ends of the trail , so it is possible to take the bus one stretch.

The western part of Sinarpsdalen holds beautiful farmland with high natural and cultural values ​​. In large parts still conducted agricultural activity on full-time but many of the users are elderly and the future is uncertain. The chips have a small-scale cultivation structure with an archaic character and contains many traces and remains of both prehistoric to historic times .

More information is available at Bastad Tourist Office.

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