Ateljé Villa Hasselbacken, Ingrid Herrlin

Adresse: Erikstorpsvägen 13 Båstad Vis kort

Adresse: Erikstorpsvägen 13 Båstad

After studying at the Art and Design School 1953-1957, I returned to my childhood home in Bastad in northwest Skåne after a short time in Uppsala. Where have I been working potter for almost 50 years now and is a resident at the Villa Hasselbacken where I also appear and receive besok in my basement gallery by appointment.

Most of my ceramic objects are representations of objects in stoneware that almost all people have used or experienced at close quarters as baskets, fruit, gear, shoes and bags. I aim to achieve an overall similarity with reality where the recognition and the desire to touch opens the doors of memories and associations. In October 2005, I received Båstad Municipality's Culture

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