Bjäre Bookshop / Bokhandlaregården

Adresse: Köpmansgatan 12 Båstad Vis kort

Adresse: Köpmansgatan 12 Båstad

On April 16, 1862 the pharmacist Olof Emerentius Morin start a small bookstore in Båstad alongside his pharmacy business.

1874 both companies are taken over by the pharmacist Otto Emanuel Centervall.

1892 Julius Soderberg becomes the publisher association´s commissioner of the resort.

1901, he leaves for Johan Georg Berg.

1902 the resort's first specialist trained bookseller Sten Olof Halldén.

1904 he gets tired and the movement entrust the Halldén aides Bertha Wesström which in turn transfers it to her brother John Gustav Wesström in 1907. Until his death in 1954 he successfully runs the bookstore on the square in Båstad and after him his son takes over, David Wesström until 1979.

In May 1979 Bjäre Bookstore was sold to Lena Goranson, the current owner.

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