Hovs Hallar

Adresse: Hovs Hallar, 269 91 Båstad Vis kort

Adresse: Hovs Hallar, 269 91 Båstad

Hovs Hallar is the steepest coastal portion of Bjärehalvön and has been described as fabulous, almost extraterrestrial. It has beautiful rocky beaches and caves.

The very famous scene from Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal where Max von Sydow plays chess with death in the sunrise is recorded here. How Bergman got a sunrise over the sea on the west coast, you can figure out yourself.

Sharp cutting clearance, sun-warmed rocks and crumbling mountains provide a barren and wild impression that at times is reminiscent of lace mountains. There are paths and lookout points towards Laholmsbukten, making the halls is an ideal place for bird watchers. Here, you can snorkel along, floating a few feet above the Kattegat Sea flora and fauna or perhaps go bouldering on rock outcrops at the Red Hall.

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