Sport & Adventure Camp Båstad for kids between 6-15 years.

Adresse: Tarravägen 19, 269 42 Båstad Vis kort

Adresse: Tarravägen 19, 269 42 Båstad

Active summer holidays for children 6-15 years in Båstad!
With sports, fun, adventure, dance & music, excursions, play, laughter, friends - and more.
We put the children in motion in the world of reality!

Our popular day camps for children 6-12 years are packed with sports and exercise activities, adventure, music & dance, play and excursions.
We offer both full and half-day options 3 or 5 days during week 27, 28, 29 and 30. On our 5-day full-time option, we offer optional subjects to choose from such as Water Sports, Golf, Padel, Football and Animals & Nature.

Under the guidance of professional instructors we offer Temaläger for children 8-15 years, with or without overnight stay.
Week 27 - Choose between "Adventure", American Sports & Outdoor and Junior Golf Camp.
Week 28 - Choose between "Adventure", American Sports & Outdoor and Junior Golf Camp.
Week 30 - Showdance / Musical & Dance Mix under the direction of Ann Wilson known from TV: 4's "Let's Dance" and dance teacher from Wilson Dance Center in Helsingborg.

Sweden's most beautiful living environment? Our campus is the very beautiful Apelrydsskolan which is next to the beautiful and green Norrvikens Gardens, 3 km from the harbor in Båstad towards Kattvik.
We offer our campers free transport every day to and from Apelrydsskolan via Båstad Station-Hotel Riviera Strand-Båstad Harbor.

From mid-May, it will be a good "high pressure" on notifications to our popular Day and Template camps. So do not forget to report your children and grandchildren and secure them a place at Sport & Adventure Camp Båstad.
We receive notifications up to and including campus for each camp week, provided there are places left!

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