Children Lögnäs

Adresse: Lögnäs 62, 312 96 Laholm Vis kort

Adresse: Lögnäs 62, 312 96 Laholm

We have created a large " pasture " where kids get to meet all the farm animals

We love children so much that we invested a little extra just for their sake and created the "Children Lögnäs " Children paddock full of goats, rabbits, chickens , miniature pigs , sheep and lambs
We have created a large " hopscotch " with different kinds of animals ; mini-pigs , dwarf goats, sheep and lambs , hens and chickens , rabbits and goat Still, Lisa and Goinge Buck Luke . All they live in their own little red cottages with white trim . Clapping, feed and cuddle them as much as you want . On the farm there are also cats & kittens, cows and calves, Icelandic horses , and last but not least, our farm dog Lykke . Lykke always go loose on the farm , meet our guests happy at the parking lot and make sure that all are well. Is your dog afraid to tell us and we will connect her.

Entrance is free for all guests who stay with us ! ( Coffee at will )

Price non- residential guests incl . coffee 50 , - / person 2-100 years
Refreshments with coffee / tea / juice and a large cinnamon roll and two kinds of cake

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